Greenland's body care products protect and hydrate the skin, treating your senses through natural methods. These natural and organic solutions are extensively tested, though never on animals.

Greenland is a natural and organic body care brand in every sense

Free of parabens and artificial colouring, Greenland products stimulate your senses through a natural composition of fruity elements. Our milkies create a silky smooth feeling on the skin, while our foot & body scrubs help revitalize the skin and senses the natural way. No matter where you choose to infuse Greenland into your daily cleansing schedule, your body will appreciate the protection. Women can feel confident again through our natural skin care regimens.


Our natural and Ecocert certified organic butters, essential oils, creams and fruit extracts all provide for a natural experience common among Greenland products: protection and sensory treatment. From our range of Fruit Emotions to our Balm & Butter line of products, Greenland is naturally tested to deliver powerful effects to both body and mind.